Falling leaves, roaring fires, hot chocolate and marshmallows

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

As my first post I thought I would ease myself into the art of blogging by taking my lead from the Daily Post.  I guess from the headline it is pretty clear which seasons I love.  Late Autumn and Winter, when the air is crisp, the leaves crunch and the ground sparkles and crackles underfoot.  Noses pay ode to Rudolph, and breath wafts visibly in the air.  The thought of cosying up on the sofa in front of a toasty fire which crackles and hisses is so comforting (trying hard not to set fire to marshmallows is also a must).  These are the seasons of extra layers – which is perfect for those like me who can think of nothing worse than Summer when the majority of clothes come off (not all obviously – I don’t want to get arrested for public indecency!).

Food is warming, spicy, delicious – these are the seasons of stodge.  Warming hands on mugs of soup or chilli whilst watching fireworks.  Yummy roast dinners follow a day of snowman building.

When the twinkly lights start getting turned on from house to house I can barely contain my excitement for Christmas.  It’s like I am six years old again looking at the light display on Oxford Street – everything is shiny and beautiful and it feels like there is magic in the air.

So there it is – give me a cold snap any day – who doesn’t love a snow day?

P.S. Is it cheating to choose two seasons?


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