Breaking point – office politics

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Choose Your Adventure.”

Kate slumped against the bathroom door – she was getting tired of all the office politics and power plays for her job.  It had been like this for months and it was finally starting to get to her.  Her boss Lorna kept piling more work on her, continuing to take all the credit.  Robert and Liz were nipping at her toes, desperate for a more senior position.  Work had become all-encompassing and it was taking its toll.  Kate stared at her drawn face in the mirror, it’s tired and listless expression betraying the stress she was under.  “Enough is enough” she muttered to herself but her words had no conviction.  Everyone would be wondering where she was.  Taking a deep breath she left the safety of the bathroom and made her way back to the office.

“Where the hell have you been?” barked Lorna, “the Board needs my report – haven’t you finished it yet?”.  Robert sniggered in his corner of the office whilst Liz, always quick off the mark, was offering up her services in Kate’s place – “I can do it much more quickly than Kate”.  Her sarcastic tone raised Kate’s hackles and the months of biting her tongue were quickly undone.

Enough is Enough!  Kate was surprised by the vehement tone to her words and by just how loud they sounded as they echoed round the room.  You could hear the sound of a pin drop as the whole office slowly turned to look at her.  Lorna rose to her feet and slowly eyed Kate from head to toe.  There was an agonisingly slow pause, that felt like eternity to Kate, before Lorna uttered the words…


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