Schools out forever

hiding hol

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fifteen Credits.”

I left school what feels like a long time ago (in reality it is a little over a decade).  I wasn’t sad to go as to say that I didn’t enjoy school would be an understatement.  Things were bearable until I had a growth spurt – I went from being one of the smallest girls in my class to being one of the tallest kids in my year.  My weight took forever to catch up so for a good couple of years I was known as ‘stick insect’ – being somewhat of a drama queen I thought my life was over!  I didn’t enjoy the rigidity of lessons or the fact that class sizes were quite large – it meant learning at the pace of others rather than what worked best for me.  And don’t even get me started on double maths first thing on a Monday morning – it used to make me want to stay in bed and hide!  Please don’t get me wrong – I really enjoy learning; I loved studying for my degree.  The issue I have is with being told what to learn – a set curriculum doesn’t do anything for me.

Having said all of that I do miss finishing at 3:30pm and the long school holidays – basically the bits where I didn’t have to be in school.  Weirdly I also miss the uniform – as much as I hated the tie and blazer at the time it definitely took the effort out of deciding what to wear.  Oh, and I wouldn’t say no to school dinners… jacket potato and beans followed by jelly and ice cream…heaven!


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